Welcome! WormExp v2.0 integrates all published expression data for C. elegans, which cover most topics in C. elegans research, e.g. immunity, aging, development, food and stress response. Current version is based on WS283. You can upload a gene list and run flexible queries: gene enrichment analyses either on the entire database or on selected gene sets represented in specific categories, search specific gene sets with the help of keywords, and export results. Need help? See the manual...



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Kim Mountains #32
Mutants #1037
Microbes #341
TF Targets #306
Tissue #115
Development/Dauer/Aging #211
DAF/Insulin/food #218
Chemicals/stress #570
Epigenetics #10
Other #113
In total#2953



Based on your uploaded list , you can search WormExp by keywords . Keywords include gene set names (e.g. pmk-1 Up), category (e.g. Kim Mountains) or keywords (e.g. daf-2, return all data sets containing 'daf-2'), in upper or lower case. Separate keywords by a comma .


Download dataset as a zip file, including entire dataset and information.

Please note that all uploaded data and the generated results will be automatically deleted within 30 minutes due to limited memory!

Kim Mountains

Clusters of co-expressed genes from the gene expression map described in Kim et al., 2001. Science.


Differentially expressed genes in C. elegans mutants or upon RNAi treatment.


Differentially expressed genes upon exposure to bacteria, fungi, unicellular eukaryotes, or viruses

TF Targets

Transcription factor or RNA binding protein targets inferred by knock-down or knock-out of the respective transcription factors and ChIP.


Tissue-specific gene expression.


Gene expression in various stages during development, including the dauer stage, and during aging.


Differentially expressed genes in mutants of the DAF-2/Insulin-like receptor pathway or in response to food or starvation.


Differentially expressed genes upon exposure to chemicals or other stressors.


Differentially expressed genes in chromatine studies and with epigenetic markers


All gene sets, which are not included in any category.


  • New sets were added on 2022.07.27!
  • Additional category "epigenetics" has been added.